The Autistic Women’s Empowerment Project is a user-led project for Autistic and Neurodivergent Women and Girls. We are a true grassroots disabled peoples group run by volunteers and focused on engagement, consultancy and user-led peer to peer support.


We are based in North Wales and have developed a local network of women who have a diagnosis or are waiting for an assessment of an Autism Spectrum or related neurodevelopmental condition or social and communication challenges and the mothers of girls diagnosed or awaiting assessment , Between us do all we can to ensure that the rights of autistic women and girls are recognised and upheld. We are not a big project but we have achieved some big things in the last few years. We aim to move beyond simply "awareness of autism " and campaign for Autistic Women’s Rights in Wales.


We are more than just a group who meets for tea and a chat. We are a peer support network. Many of our network attend consultations and participation events but there are others who need support to have their voices heard and their needs recognised and we lobby and campaign to ensure this happens.


We are becoming a group of very diverse women. We are not afraid to talk about the issues that society sweeps under the carpet. We have come together for one reason and that is to empower all autistic women.


Our network is open to women across the autistic spectrum, whether they have received a diagnosis or are in the process of seeking assessment  We are person-centred and treat everyone as a unique individual with a unique set of strengths and challenges.


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What is Our Mission


It is our mission to Empower Autistic Women and Girls by giving them the information they need  to make informed choices in their lives and to overcome the obstacles that society can place in their way 


More importantly, we also aim to embrace and highlight the gifts and talents of the Autistic female and to empower all women no matter what their place on the spectrum

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Read all about the inspiration behind the Autistic Women's Empowerment Project and where we started.


From our formation in 2014 through to where we are today. The journey we have been on has been challenging, enlightening and at times great fun. 


We have connected with autistic women and girls across the UK and have met many autistic advocates who give us hope for a brighter future.



Our initial aim was to raise awareness of the needs of autistic women and girls. but we soon became aware that much more than awareness was needed. The failure to recognise the needs of autistic women and girls was not just poor practice, it was an equality issue.